Why choosing the right removals company is important

Why is it important to have the correct removal vehicle when moving house?

A lot of removals companies will provide a Luton vehicle and either do numerous trips back and forth or supple 2 or 3 Luton vehicles to carry out your removals

What a lot of people do not realise is that these companies are either breaking the law by cramming all your household goods and effect on to one vehicle which is legally designed to only carry 1.5 ton, which not only will this put the vehicle over weight but could potentially damage your belongings. Or you may have agreed to an unfair deal such as paying at an hourly rate and having your removal company do serval trips using one or more Luton vehicles. Either way this will affect your removal cost with the amount of time it will take loading & unloading several Luton vehicles or it could affect the way your goods will be packed/stored into a potential incorrect vehicle.

Therefore if you are moving a 2-3, 4-5 bedroom house it is always important to research the removal company you are thinking about using and what vehicle they can provide. This will give you an idea if the company tailor the removals to meet your needs or theirs by only providing one type of vehicle which reflects one type of service.

Here is a breakdown of the type of vehicle you should hope to be quoted for the type of removals service you require.

Transit: Single items

Luton: Single items / few items

Daf (7.5 Ton): 1 bedroom/2 bedroom

Scania (18 Ton): 3 bedroom + (Or any type of removals)

Also the vehicle that is provided from your removal company will tell you a lot about the experience & professionalism you are likely to receive and here is why

Luton & Transit vehicle:

  • Standard driven license
  • Not always an VAT registered company
  • Doesn’t have to be registered with the Traffic Commissioner (operation license)

(Please click here for more details of Traffic Commissioner  https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/hgv-operator-licensing-forms)

  • Doesn’t have to have any form of driving qualification (apart from your standard UK driven license)
  • No medical or eye sight examination

Daf (7.5 Ton) & Scania (18 Ton) vehicle:

  • HGV license
  • Full operation license
  • VAT registered company
  • CPC renewed every 5 years (https://www.gov.uk/topic/transport/driver-cpc)
  • Driver have to pass a  3 part theory & 2 part practical exam
  • Driver have to have a medical & eye sight examination from the doctor

As you can see to drive a bigger removal vehicle you have to have a lot more qualification and be experienced within the removal trade. Therefore companies that provide these vehicle would have invested time and money into their employees to ensure they have the correct qualifications and experience to provide a professional service.

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