Mills of Brighton

An established removal company.

If you are looking for a professional team, look no further. Since the mid 80s, ‘Mills Removals’ have been one of the most highly-regarded removal companies in the Sussex area.  Be assured we can handle the transportation of your personal effects & items from packing (if required) to storage and placement.

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Having been established in 1984, Mills Removals have loyally served the area for over 30 years, with their highly recognisable vans being almost a local landmark, often seen throughout the City handling every type of removal.

What makes us the most reliable of removals companies is our approach. We know the stress of the day, the different things you will have on your mind and the many things you are trying to achieve. The last thing you want to worry about is if your property is in the hands of the wrong removals company.

Brighton’s best removal company.

Our removals teams have worked together for many years and are proud of having done so. Not only that but the team has worked on all kinds of removal job from small one bedroom flats to mansions. This sense of teamwork makes Mills Removals the best removals companies in Brighton.

With Mills you are in very good company indeed and we will provide everything required to transport your personal effects safely and securely, making your removal and moving day a happy experience, not one of trepidation.

Removal Quotes

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