Moving Overseas

Moving to another country from the UK

Planning moving to another country is no trivial task. Those leaving or returning to the UK have a great many things to consider and the safe transportation of your possessions is key in this. Whether it is a small consignment or a full container which you wish to move overseas, we have the organisation to handle your worldwide destined  items

We have fully trained export packers who will make sure your contents are packed with the necessary care and efficiency using specifically designed heavy duty export packing materials, they will also handle all documentation necessary for international shipments.

As part of a global network of agents we can arrange a full door to door service to any major destination in the world which is inclusive of customs clearance, delivery to overseas or UK residence and the unpacking and setting up of your new home. We can also arrange container storage until you are ready to receive your goods.

Overseas removals requires specialist knowledge which we have acquired during our 25 years of trading.

European Removals

Mills Removals have the experience to make your moving from the UK a straight forward operation. We are familiar with the regulations and documentation required for an efficient move to Europe.

At present we specialise in moving people from the Sussex, Kent and Surrey areas to all parts of France, Spain and Portugal. We can also arrange deliveries to any part of Europe as a part or full load.

Our vehicles leave at the end of every month and every 10 days during the busy Summer months. We can also arrange storage at any destination throughout Europe. If your moving out date and moving in date do not coincide we will give you one months free storage in the UK for all European deliveries.

 Free Quotations

All of your removal requirements can be discussed with one of our removals consultants, all of whom have valuable practical experience, when they make the call to assess your household for quotation purposes.

Mills will be please to quote you for your removal, regardless of size and distance for when you intend to move within the British Isles. We can personally move your belongings and our removal drivers are very experienced, working all over the Europe.

When you move with Mills Removals, every care will be taken to protect and transport your belongings safely. Realistically however, when moving to another country there is always a slight chance that something may get damaged. Mills can arrange liability cover of your possessions whilst they are in our care. Details are given with every removals quotation.