How much does it cost to move a piano?

The answer is – it depends! There are many different factors to take into account, so the first step in giving you a ballpark figure, is an better understanding of your requirements.

The factors to consider:

The first thing to consider is the piano itself.  How big is it? How valuable is it? The charge to move a piano that’s worth tens of thousands of pounds will cost more than an entry level one, as more time and resources may be needed to ensure it’s safety.

Then there’s the distance you want it to be moved. If you’ve bought the house in the next street, it will be a lot cheaper than if it is being moved 300 miles away.

Also taken into account is the piano’s location within the house, and the location it is being moved to in the new home. If for example, it has to be moved straight out of your hallway and into a van right outside, that will be a lot quicker than moving it up a flight of steps, round a tight corner and down more steps outside. This extra work will be reflected in the cost.

Other factors that may impact cost are whether you need short term or long term storage, and also how quickly you need it to be moved.

What types of piano can be moved?

Given the requisite care and attention, any kind of piano can be moved SAFELY – from a third hand piano your child played their first notes on, to Steinways and Bechstein grands.

What’s involved in moving a piano?

Most removals are straightforward – but not all. If yours is going to be a more of an complicated one, for instance if it needs to be moved from a basement, however this is still no problem. As an professional and experienced Piano Mover will have special equipment –  including piano wheels, protective covers and strapping, a crane too if needed.

If my piano needs to be moved – what’s the first thing I should do?

Get in touch with a reputable local firm and speak to them directly to see if they ask the right questions to get information about your situation.


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