Help with Home Packing

Need help with moving house?

No one looks forward to packing up to move home. With busy work schedules those moving house rarely have the time and sometimes not quite the right experience to pack the contents of their home safely and securely.

Our professional home packing service is another way Mills Removals can help with moving your possessions and take more stress out of your home move.

This gives you more time to proceed with other pressing or important issues in your moving schedule that you need to be involved in.

Packing your posessions

The Mills home packing team will arrive usually the day before your move depending on the amount of packing required or at a time, which is convenient to you.

They will clear cupboards, shelves, and drawers and safely box the small delicate items that need special care and attention. They will then assist in additional items ensuring all fragile breakables are properly protected. the team work in conjunction with our removals team, ensuring a smooth process.

The team are caring and courteous and very knowledgeable in all packaging matters.

Some of our service options

  • Full Home Packing (All china, glass, silverware, wine, ornaments, pictures, books, toys, linen, hanging clothing, kitchen utensils, etc)
  • Part Home Packing (Normally china, glass, other breakables and hanging clothing)
  • DIY Packing (With self packing we will supply the packing materials required for you to)

Prepare your household contents, ready for our staff to load on your chosen moving day


Special Moving House Packing  Requirements

Items such as pianos, safes and clocks will be prepared for transport by our professionally trained staff.

Fragile items and valuables will be carefully wrapped and packed. We use high quality packing materials and employ special packing techniques for each item.

Although we pack quickly and efficiently, we take great care and pay attention to detail throughout. We know that the things that are personally important to you may not always be the most valuable items.


Please note that we can only provide unpacking services when we have also carried out the home packing.

  • Full Unpack and Put Away Service – This option provides the highest level of service. You work out in advance where the contents of every box or item will go in your new home and label it precisely. Our home team will unpack and will make sure that everything is in its proper place. If required, we can also provide furniture and bed reassembly and placement.
  • Full Unpack onto Surfaces – We unpack everything that we have packed onto flat surfaces. Kitchen items will be put onto kitchen surfaces; china onto the dining room table; bedding and clothing onto beds; and hanging clothes into wardrobes.
  • Limited Unpack – With this option, we only unpack your fragile items onto flat surfaces.
  • Self Unpack – You take responsibility for unpacking all of your items.