Covered Car and Classic Car Transportation

Do you need your car delivered to a new domestic or international destination?car moving_small

Driving your car there yourself is unlikely to be a viable option for several reasons, especially when car shipping costs are so reasonable and you are unlikely to have the time if you are moving.

From everyday cars,  specialist classic or race cars through to rare luxury automobiles we will deliver your car anywhere in the world using a covered car transport service either by

  • a standard inclusion in a steel container with your other personal effects or
  • a dedicated auto transport shipping container car.

Both methods offer great protection and Great savings on normal dedicasted container car shipping costs.

Car shipping Costs

International car transportation can be by dedicated container, or by shared container, which offers a cost saving over dedicated shipment. Even after these savings, the cost for international shipment can vary greatly depending upon your requirements.  Please contact us with the make and model of your car and your destination. We will then be able to provide costs via roll on, roll off, service or in a sole use container.

Don’t forget, if you have personal effects to ship as well it can be very cost effective to ship them and the car in the same container.

Covered Car Transportation

car_transportCar shipment is made by container or car carrier vessel (Ro-Ro). If shipping via container vehicles are secured inside weatherproof, sealed steel containers for their journey. Our team of professionals ensure that when loaded on one of our vehicles or containers, your car will be completely enclosed and will not be open to the elements. This covered car transportation service is essential for protection, security and peace of mind it offers.

Classic Car Transport

Mills take great care when delivering all cars for their clients. Classic car transportation can however involve additional requirements and considerations dependent upon age and underlying mechanics of the car. Please contact Mills removals to discuss any additional requirements or concerns you may have regarding the necessary shipment of your classic vehicle.

Protecting your car while shipping

We use materials to ensure that the front and rear of the car is protected from bumps and scratches whilst in transit. Furthermore, the sides of your car will be protected by our specialist removal blankets, providing a belt and braces approach. to ensure safe transit and arrival at destination.

Shipment by Car Carrier vessel also offers weatherproof shipment. Cars are driven on board the vessel, secured for transit below decks, sealed from the elements, and are driven off at destination. Vehicles should be in driveable condition with working brakes.

Covered and classic car transport &shipping with Mills Removals of Brighton


  • A pre-condition report is provided before any car transportation takes place.
  • Each vehicle is assessed individually to ensure that the correct securing methods are employed.
  • Mills only use experienced crew to load and unload your car.
  • Cars are protected inside the container during shipment
  • We can arrange collection car or you can deliver your car to the loading point.
  • The battery in your car will be disconnected before transportation (This is especially important for long journeys).The Mills covered and classic car transport service is perfect for antique cars or expensive prestige vehicles.

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