How to choose the right removal company

We had some really nice feedback from a customer.

House Removal to a 5th Floor Flat

“Mills Arrived when they said they would, evaluated the job to do and executed it with professionalism, a friendly approach and speed. We previously used a a lesser smaller company to move us a year ago as they were cheaper. Big mistake and wasn’t a great experience, well worth paying the extra money this time around with Mills

Would highly recommend”

This got me thinking and as an establish family business I wanted to try and help people who are looking to move in the near future or even in the progress of moving to not make the same mistake that our customer did first time round.

We all want to save money where we can and when moving; there are a lot of fees to encounter before your removals, however sometimes going for the cheapest quote is not always beneficial. In the removal trade you pay for the quality of the service and the experience you will be receiving.

And removals itself can be the stressful situation. In fact if you Google top 5 stressful things you can do in a life time, removals is 3rd. 1st was death of a loved one and 2nd was divorce. In my experience a lot of people move house or sell a house because of 1 & 2. Therefore people can be experiencing two stressful situation in one.

This is why, in my opinion, I feel it is really is important to do your research when choosing you Removal Company and not always go for the cheapest quote or the quickest solution. At the end of the day most people are moving there life belongings that have great value and are non-replaceable.

Look out for these key points:

  • Company website
  • Landline – Not just a mobile number
  • Company address – Head office
  • Insurance policy
  •  Terms and conditions
  • Contract – Eg: quote and acceptance forms
  • Referrals/testimonials
  • VAT registered
  • Qualification – such as CPC
  • Different size vehicles – Most professional removals company will be able to supple more than a Luton size vehicle. E.g Daff 7.5 ton, & Scanner 18 ton vehicles
  • Uniform with company logo
  • Different payment methods such as, cheque & BACS payment (not just cash on day)
  • Free quote
  • Different removal service or tailored removals